Kidneys Quest Foundation Mobile Website

Kidneys Quest Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to families and individuals with kidney disorders. They wanted to focus more on the latest kidney issues, events that were up and coming and present different ways to donate to the foundation via financing, volunteering and etc.

The KQF site was highly successful but it had grown organically over time, and was starting to lose design consistency and becoming difficult to navigate.

After an intensive two-day design workshop I realised that any improvements made would need to ensure the unique, patient-centred personality of the company wasn’t lost in the desire to simplify and streamline.

My initial goal was to fix the obvious usability problems and stabilise the site. Once this was done, I could then spend short 3 month sprints refining different aspects of the service.

An initial design refresh focused on modernising the home, news and events pages, making them more appealing to users and easier to understand. I also developed a modular front-end framework, which helped KQF become one of the first large scale responsive sites on the web. This was followed by the design of a new donate process. Each sprint involved reviewing previous changes, and then iterating the design based on usage of the site and feedback from users.

After helping kqf modernise their website, my most recent sprint involved implementing a brand refresh, to ensure that their proposed identity would work as well online as it does offline.